Your yard should always look its best. But it's hard to make a good first impression when you're dealing with lifeless grass or stubborn weeds. Count on Facility Management Services LLC when you need professional landscaping services in New Egypt, NJ and surrounding areas.

We offer all of the lawn care and landscaping services you need to keep your yard neat and tidy, including:

Lawn mowing services
Fall and spring cleanup services
Weeding services
Pruning services
Irrigation installation services

Having trouble staying on top of yardwork? Ask about our recurring landscaping services. We serve New Egypt, NJ and the surrounding area.

See how easily you can maintain a beautiful lawn

You can have the best sprinklers in the world-but if your irrigation system isn't designed and installed properly, it won't provide the coverage you need to maintain a lush, green yard. When you hire Facility Management Services for irrigation installation in New Egypt, NJ and surrounding areas, you can also trust us to design your brand-new irrigation system.

We'll measure your property and design an irrigation layout that covers every inch of your yard. You'll never have to worry about dry or patchy grass again. We also offer irrigation maintenance services, so we can visit your property during the winter to make sure your irrigation system is working properly. Get a free estimate on irrigation installation today.