A flooded basement is a big problem. It's not just messy-flooding can leave lingering water damage that can cost a lot to repair in the long run. Call Facility Management Services LLC today. We offer basement waterproofing services in New Egypt, NJ and surrounding areas.

Did you discover mold in your basement? Don't panic-we also work closely with mold remediation specialists in the New Egypt, NJ area, so we can help you make sure that your basement stays mold-free. Contact us today to learn more.

We offer thorough waterproofing services

Make an appointment with Facility Management Services today if you need basement waterproofing services in New Egypt, NJ or the surrounding area. We will:

Visit your property to measure your basement
Determine the source of flooding or water damage
Install sump pumps and French drains

When it comes to protecting your home from severe water damage, you don't want to cut corners. We'll use high-end technology to locate the source of the flooding problem, so we can make sure your basement won't flood in the future. We'll also help you schedule mold remediation-so you don't have to live with a hidden health hazard.